4 ways to get better sleep zzzzzz

Here are 4 ways to get better sleep.

Use these little tips and you’ll be sleeping like a BABY all night every night.

But first – I’m going to give this to you at NO COST

So it’s easy for you to just brush it off.

That’s why I want you to pretend like you just wired me a million peso’s for this advice.

Because sleep is important.


Especially in America, in case you hadn’t noticed yet – we’re constantly hustling. Because money doesn’t sleep.

You’re an airplane. When you fly, you make money. When you’re in the maintenance hangar, you’re making $0.

So most of us try to fly all the time. Make that money. Because we’ll “sleep when we’re dead”

Until we don’t get enough maintenance and come crashing down.

The Hudson River.

Pilot Sully can save us.

And today, I’m Captain Sully.

Here are 4 ways to sleep better:

ONE >>> Every hour before midnight counts double

Go to bed earlier. The more hours you get before midnight the better.

TWO >>> Put your phone on airplane mode

Your alarm will still work, but you’ll shut off the electromagnetic waves that mess up your brain waves. Deeper sleep on Airplane mode!

THREE >> Sleep in a pitch black room

Our brains are hard-wired from the caveman days. The only way to sink into deep sleep is when it’s pitch-dark.

FOUR >> No food/water 45 min pre-bedtime

So you won’t have to get up to use the restroom, and your digestion gets a break.

And then here’s a bonus number FIVE, which may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done >> Cut off all screens 20 minutes pre-bedtime

Read a book instead. The screens on phones have a blue-light in them that stops the production of our sleep hormone.

You are now free to go to sleep. Please watch the overhead compartment and have a great day,

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