Don’t feel bad

That LAST week of the year it’s so hard to get a workout in.

I mean, kids, shopping, in-laws are in town, bla.

Of course we all want to stay consistent, but that last week – no es broma!

So do this..

Step 1) Workout as hard as you can until Christmas

Step 2 ) Go light from Christmas till New Years.

If you’ve been doing good these last weeks, and you follow the above advice – you’ll actually look better than ever on New Years.

There’s actually a science to this:

When you lift heavy, you impose stress on your body. Your testosterone drops a little, your nervous system is used to the fullest, and your glycogen gets depleted like no other.

If you keep going hard in the paint all the time, you’ll eventually run out of steam and lose strength. (you’ll also feel ‘fluffier’ because your cortisol spikes up)

When this happens to most people, their reaction is to train more. Only making things worse.

Instead, kick back for a week and ‘deload’. Here’s how:

1) Keep working out, just go light (to keep your momentum)

2) Increase your calories by 30% (to speed your recovery)

3) Catch up on your favorite TV shows (Suits is a good one)

4) Sleep (9 hours)

5) Foot Massages (Every day!)

When you take a week off after doing some heavy lifting, your testosterone spikes, your nervous system gets back to optimal function, and your glycogen stores fill back up.

Also, your body will store more water inside the muscle instead of under the skin (because of less cortisol)

In other words, you might look BETTER after your deload week than when you’re going hard in your workouts.

And oh how handy that is, with our SUF New Years Party coming up on January 13th. Red carpet pics will be snapped!

Sometimes you need real rest to get your body ready to train hard again. And that’s hard to do.

But what better time than the last week of the year?

If you’ve been doing good so far, then don’t feel bad for going light in that last week =)

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