The only time to start is now

We all want nice bodies, to feel great, and live an awesome life..

But 99% of the time we wait until something bad happens before we do something about it.

We never really take action until we reach that ‘point of no return’

You’ve probably heard the story..

Middle-aged woman, wants to quit her demanding office job and spend more time with her loved ones. Also wants to pursue painting, travel the world and bungee jump.

Gets diagnosed with cancer. Doctor says she has a year left to live.

She quits her job, lives life to the fullest, spends more quality time with her loves ones, starts painting, traveling – happier then ever.

Only to find out a year later she was misdiagnosed. She never had cancer to start with.

This is most of us. We all wait till it’s ‘now or never’ to start changing our lives.

There are only 2 ways to make yourself live that bosslife:


Having a life-altering moment, where you either change your habits, or your pain will only get worse

(like a heart attack, divorce, or some sort of public humiliation)


Changing what you do EVERY DAY.

What you do and who you hang out with is who you’ll become.

And yeah, yeah, we all have awesome goals.

But most of our goals are so awesome that they overwhelm us. So we never get started.

Successful people break their goals down into small steps.

So small that they’re almost too easy.

Like water.

To drink more water, start taking one sip after every other beverage you drink.

And when you wake up, drink 10 sips first thing in the morning.

Or vegetables.

Meat for strength, Veggies for health. Have 1 piece of broccoli with dinner. Start simple.

Or flossing.

The best way to make flossing a habit is to start flossing just one tooth a day.

Eventually you’ll be flossing all them suckers because you’re about that flosslife.

Make commitments like this on all your stuff. Work, Water, Exercise, Veggies, Etc.

Start today, it’s the only time you should.

And realize that, I mean, c’mon, we have it way too good in Southern California.

Half the world would LOVE to live here.

It takes just as much effort to aim high then to aim low.

Just break up your goals into a million small pieces.

It’s the whole “by a yard it’s hard, by inch it’s a cinch” thing.

Have an awesome day!

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