Truth about Cheat Meals

I’m all for GOOD FOOD, but I think some of us are taking the whole ‘cheat meal’ thing a little too far.

In case you don’t know – a ‘cheat meal’ is where you eat like Santa Claus on Sunday because you’ve been perfect all other 6 days of the week.

Problem is that bad food is too addicting to cheat on.

Sugar is 9x more addicting than hardcore drugs.. And the only time you ‘need’ a cheat meal is if you’re on some lame boring diet.

And you should never be on a boring diet.

Because Boring Diets are dumb.

Diets have end dates.

Dieting is like dating someone you don’t like, knowing you’re going to end it after 6 weeks anyway.

Why even bother?

Instead, love your food every day.

Have passionate relations with your food, and look forward to being with it every single day.

Turkey, Asparagus, Grass-Fed Butter..

I know that doesn’t sound hip, but they make you ‘feel’ good feelings.

Nothing tastes as great as being lean ‘feels’.

Here’s a shopping list you can download (no cost) – just click here and right-mouse-click, or you can download it to your phone.

Stop cheating! And love your food every day 🙂

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